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To facilitate the purchase of books, the edizioni QuattroVenti have implemented a number of utilities that allow you to speed up operations and the management of the newsletter and post sales operations. Register now>>.


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Procedura d'acquisto Opzione 01 come cercare il libro Found
alt null Begin the search of the book in the field catalogue or in the box (in your right). The search can be: by title, author, year, ISBN code, or by subject. alt null
Procedura d'acquisto Opzione 02 trovato il libro clicca su Inserisci nel carrello Insert in the cart
alt null In each index card of your book there is a bottom to order it. Click there to insert it in the cart. Everytime you insert a book you can control your actualy shopping and you can see what you insert in the cart alt null
Procedura d'acquisto Opzione 03 inseriti tutti i libri nela carrello clicca su Acquista Buy
alt null When you finish your orders click order and fill in the form and choose the payment options. It will be calculated the total price and the postal charges according to payment options. Payment systems abroad are credit card or bank transfer alt null

Characteristics of purchasing service

The purchase service is managed by Edizioni QuattroVenti S.R.L., registered office: Via G. Dini N░16, 61029 - Urbino (PU) Marche Italia Tel. +39 07222238 Fax +39 07222238, CCIAA Pesaro and Urbino N░ ps067-2797 19/02/1996 registered at company N░106152 - 1988, partita IVA 01075710416 All products in this catalog are with VAT included in price.

Be careful: it is necessary to have a browser (Netscape or Microsoft 4.0 or next) to buy with credit card.
Types of payments:
Cash on delivery = only for Italy. You pay to the postman when you recive your order.
Credit card = Sistem Paypal: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover. For payment in Europe, USA, Extra European Country. Edizioni QuattroVenti Srl can not access in any way the number of credit card.

The following conditions rule the sales of products available on this site by the firm: Edizioni QuattroVenti S.R.L., sede legale via G. Dini N░16, 61029 - Urbino (PU) Marche Italia Tel. +39 0722 2238 Fax +39 0722 2238. Iscritta al Registro del Commercio e delle Imprese Italiana: CCIAA Pesaro e Urbino N░ ps067-2797 19/02/1996 giÓ iscritta al registro ditte N░106152 - 1988, partita IVA 01075710416. Any order process means complete acceptance of any term or provision included in this Agreement. QuattroVenti reserves the right to make changes to the prices at any time. However, the poducts will be invoiced on the basis of the prices given at the time the order is made. The final acceptance is made by the typing of your credit card number for credit card payments.

(2)Shipping and delivery
Minimum order 5,16 euro

Fattura The invoice is sent only if requested in the order form For orders of products which are available in stock, the parcels are sent within 48 hours after the order is processed (except if there is a special notice). Indicative time delivery 10/15 Europa day | 15/25 USA - extra Europa day. On this page you can see theTABLE OF RATES,divided into the payment system / area of the world / weight / expense. Edizioni QuattroVenti cannot be liable for the non-carrying out of the contract in cases of stock outage, product unavailability, absolute necessity, total or part strikes (of postal, transports or communication means), flood, fire. The customer reckons to be totally aware of the laws applied in his/her country before ordering on the site. Depending on his/her country customs or import taxes might be required. They are supposed to be paid as soon as the parcel reaches its destination country. These taxes are at your expenses and are your responsibility as far as customs declarations and customs payments are concerned. Please contact your local customs office for more information.

(3)Privacy notice
QuattroVenti will not share nor sell the customer information you will provide us. These information are confidential. We only use them for orders processing and for improving our communication with you. They help us in offering the QuattroVenti custommer the products which best correspond to him/her. This article cannot obstruct a potential transfer of activity to a third party. In accordance with law Italy D. Lgs 196/2003, the owner and controller is Balestrieri Alessandro c.f. blslsn67l23l500p Via G. Dini, 16 61029 Urbino (PU), Tel. +39 0722 2238 Fax +39 0722 2238 e-mail: you may at any time have access and change your personal information. This can be done online, or by postal mail by sending us your request with your name, your surname and a copy of your ID or passport. If you wish to keep in touch with the QuattroVenti activities and special offers, you can subscribe to the free Newsletter. The free subscription is made online.

Payment by credit card: The procedure is done through PayPal. For more information Privacy PayPal

(4)Right of withdrawal

Information pursuant to Decree-Law D.Lgs. n.185/99: Purchases made on our website are protected by D.Lgs n.185 del 22 maggio 1999, which provides the ability for the consumer to exercise his right of withdrawal. The consumer may exercise that right within 10 working days from receipt of goods. This right is the right to restitution of property bought at the publisher. The only charge against him are those relating to return.
The withdrawal right is exercised by sending a registered letter (A.R.) sent to the following address: Ufficio Resi Edizioni QuattroVenti Srl - Via Giannetto Dini 16 - 61029 Urbino (PU) , within 10 working days from delivery of goods Form complaint procedure or fax (numero telefax 07222238) shipped within the same period, confirmed by registered A.R. sent within the next 48 hours. Will also arrange for return of goods purchased, sent within 10 working days from receipt and at its expense, at the address . QuattroVenti Srl - Via Giannetto Dini 16 - 61029 Urbino (PU). Such notification shall contain particulars of the sales of products you intend to return, and information on how the reimbursement of expenses incurred: money order, bank transfer. If the order was made by credit card the amount to be refunded will be credited to the same credit card. Once the goods arrive and checked for integrity we will credit the customer the cost of returned products with no additional cost, as soon as possible, usually 7 days (no later than 30 days from receipt of notice of withdrawal). For any problems please contact us through Form complaint procedure. We answer our representative of responsible for le edizioni QuattroVenti Srl, Tel. +39 07222238 Fax +39 07222238 Payments by credit card: if consumers use their right of withdrawal, the amount to be refunded will be credited to the same credit card.

(5)After Sales Support

Servizio Clienti per reclami o resi Edizioni QuattroVenti Srl - Via Giannetto Dini 16 - 61029 Urbino (PU) Tel. +39 07222238 Fax +39 07222238 e-mail:
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